Meet the Optometrist team in Engadine and Sutherland Shire


Our team, who have over 4 decades of knowledge between them, are very welcoming to everyone, no matter their age or gender. Our qualified staff will go above and beyond to make each person comfortable from the moment they enter the store, up until the moment they leave. Our Optometrist, is not only interested in your eye health; Kerin goes above an beyond in her eye exams, with the latest technology available as well as really getting to know each patient as an indivual. At Optopia, our approach to each patient is unique, because we know that each and every one of you is unique. No two of our patients are alike, and we wouldnt want it any other way.

Kerin Southam Optometrist
B. Optom (Hons)

With over twenty years of clinical experience under her belt, Kerin has the local eye doctors in awe of her meticulous and knowledgeable approach to eyecare. Kerin is a very open and honest person, and when it comes to your health, no stone is left unturned. She will tell you her findings and give you options with what comes next; Whether that means glasses or contacts, or even just little tips and tricks on how to alleviate eye strain. Kerin is not only skilled in eye health, but also up to date with current fashion trends and very passionate about good quality frames. She will keep track of how your vision is progressing, as well as other factors that may affect it, such as smoking, diet, and working conditions. Kerin will teach you not only how to use your visual aids but also how to really look after your eyes.

Megan Wale Orthoptist
B.App.Sc Orthoptics

With over 20 years experience, working with both Opthalmologists and Optometrists, Megan has gained the the trust of both specialists and patients alike, due to her great personality and intelligence. Megan preforms all preliminary diagnostic tests with professionalism and friendly confidence prior to your examination with Kerin. Her calm demeanour and good humour make her very popular amongst our patients. With her fashionable retro style and keen eye for trendy frames, Megan is perfect for helping you pick your frame.

Paige & Rachelle
Optical Assistants

Paige & Rachelle are our resident dispensers, who not only greet you when you walk through the front door, but who will also spend the time going through your frame choices with you. Both wonderful women understand how hard it is to pick a frame, especially when there are so many great frames to pick from! They will use their experience and great taste to guide you through the often confusing frame decision process. We want you to love the frame you pick, and to be genuinly confident in both our skills and knowledge on what works best with not only your face and style, but also your specific lens design.