Meet the Team

For New South Wales residents who are looking for an optometrist

Loftus and Engadine residents have found their perfect
match. Located on the corner of Flora and Eton streets in
Sutherland, Optopia is as close as a 9 minute drive from
Loftus and an 11 minute drive from Engadine.

Over 20 years providing the best eye care
Your eyes are everything. While it is easy to take for granted
their remarkable ability, once your vision starts to deteriorate
you will quickly notice how lucky you are to have the gift of
sight. But there’s good news. If you notice any problems with
your eyes and address them fast, you can resolve them
completely, or prevent the condition from getting worse.

At Optopia, our optometrists are 100% dedicated to ensuring your vision is sharp, clear and colourful. The health of your eyes is our number one priority. Combining over 20 years of experience with the most sophisticated eye care equipment, we give your eyes the special attention they deserve. When it comes to residents can count on Optopia. And if you are looking for an eye , don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We know how important your vision is. You want it to be as sharp and crisp as it was when you were young. That is our goal for you at Optopia. Our outstanding optometrists will do everything they can to provide you the vision that brings out the details in your world and puts less stress on your eyes.

Get the best care for your eyes at Optopia’s State of the art Vision centre. Our vision centre is where the transformation happens. Here your vision can become clearer, tests can be performed on your eyes and you can even be outfitted for a new pair of stylish glasses. While your vision may seem perfectly normal, we recommend dropping in for regular eye exams. With our residents can feel confident in knowing whether their eyes are healthy or need treatment.

Simply make an appointment at a time convenient for you to get an
eye exam, which includes a glaucoma test and a vision test. If your
eyes suffer from any medical conditions, our optometrists can
provide you a prescription and help you find the solution—so you can
see clearly.

Finally, we also offer a wide variety of frames and glasses. With
respected brands, such as Gucci, Bally, Caravan, Tom Ford and more,
you can achieve brilliant vision and look stylish too. As you can see,
Optopia offers everything you need to take the best care of your eyes
and achieve clear, sharp vision—making our best choice for eye care.

When it comes to the best choice for an optometrist, Engadine and
Loftus residents can count on Optopia. See clearer, brighter and
notice all the details of life. Optopia can bring your vision into focus.

Kerin Southam Optometrist
B. Optom (Hons)

With over twenty years of clinical
experience under her belt, Kerin has the
local eye doctors in awe of her meticulous
and knowledgeable approach to eyecare

Megan Wale Orthoptist
B.App.Sc Orthoptics

With over 20 years experience, Megan
performs all preliminary diagnostic tests
with professionalism and friendly
confidence. Her calm demeanour and good
humour make her very popular amongst
our patients.

Paige-Venn Card
Optical Dispenser

Paige is our go-to gal when it comes to
achieving the perfect frame and lens c
ombination. She will use her experience
and great taste to guide you through the
often confusing frame decision process.