Thorough Optometrist servicing the Shire for over 20 years

From the moment you walk through the door, you will have our undevided attention from our Dispenser, onto our Orthoptist Megan, and then finally into the Optometrist, Kerin, for the final part of your visit. Optopia is home to modern diagnostic tools and equipment that is used to test for a wide range of eye conditions – cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma amongst other conditions.Once all prior testing is completed, the Optometrist takes you in to not only review all your results, but also check your vision, and prescribe glasses or contacts if needed.

From our frames to our lenses, our contact lenses to optical sundries, our team makes sure you have the highest quality products from start to finish; As well as equiping you with all the knowledge you need for your eye health. We chose frames that we genuinely love, pick lenses that we know are of the highest quality, and order in optical sundries that are both effective and have the research behind them.

Our lenses are custom-crafted to each individual patient, to make sure you get the most out of your new lenses. We offer single and extended focus, as well as progressive lenses, in clear, transitional, tinted and polarised options (mirror also available). When it comes to lens coatings, we’re very passionate about showing you your options in store, we want you to be involved in the whole decision making process.From Hardcoat to multicoats, you have total control of what you’re walking away with. We understand that everyone has different lifestyle needs, whether your glasses are purely for driving or computer work, we have multicoats that will suit your exact needs.We’re very proactive when it comes to giving you information on all your potential multicoats, from standard UV protectants, to Blue Light blockers that are great for preventing eye fatigue.

We want you to leave our practice, not only knowing exactly why we have prescribed these lenses, but also how to get the most out of them. We’re more than happy to break down how the lens works, as well as what its strengths and weaknesses are, to make sure that specific lens design suits your lifestyle and expectations.we will also teach you how to use your new glasses as well as how to keep the lenses clean and in perfect condition.

For those patients that prefer the natural look, we have a fantastic range of contact lenses to suit everyone. Whether you’re a pro with your contacts, or a novice looking for an alternative to glasses, we can find something that is comfortable for you. From daily, to extended or monthly wear, we will not only teach you how to insert and remove them, but will also teach you cleaning steps so that you get the most out of your lenses.

Patients are welcome to book online through our website, or call our practice directly on 02 9521 2939.Alternatively you can come in to our fantastic practice, and book instore with our friendly dispenser, who will be happy to work with your schedule.Our amazing staff will be happy to help you with any general questions you have in regards to our stock or lenses, or even regarding a prior exam you may have had somewhere else.Prescriptions from other practices are also welcomed.

We look forward to seeing you in store in the near future, to help with your eye health.

– Optopia Team